Manufacturingprogram for cabinets

are made” in wall” and surface-mounted versions in all sizes.In addition to the standard height of the cabinets, we also offer a program of high cabinets with an electric rail for the installation of control technology. On request, we also make covers and special products in individual designs for various components in heating systems.

Cabinets are made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal (housing) and electrolytically galvanized sheet metal (frame and door) 1 mm thick, and depending on the model, they are delivered in powder-coated version RAL 9016.

Manifold cabinets

We offer manifold cabinets in flush-mounted and surface-mounted versions in all sizes present on the European market. The cabinets are made of galvanized sheet metal, the frame and the door are surface protected with electrosatic powder coating (RAL 9016).

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Other products

The program of control technology for the control of the heating and cooling system of individual zones consists of the production program of thermoelectric drives and control bases.

The product range of manifolds includes manifolds for single-pipe systems, manifolds for radiator heating, and manifolds for underfloor heating.
The types used in heating systems are made of 1.4301 stainless steel.